Radar processing

I’ve been doing some work to bring the St. Olaf deep radar processor (StODeep) up into this decade. I’ve had some time twiddling my thumbs while running ice-flow models, and I’ve been doing the work of migrating StODeep as I wait for the model runs. I’m not a fan of Matlab, so I’ve migrated things to Python.

A bit of background

The St. Olaf Deep radar processor has a long history that I don’t fully know. I’m not at St. Olaf, and the processor can also do shallow radar, and is better described as an impulse radar processor. I’ve decided to call it ImpDAR for that reason.

Full Documentation

I’m still working on examples, but the documentation is on this site.

David A. Lilien
David A. Lilien
Assistant Professor (starting 2024)